You can experience Divinity Right Where You Are

Aug 24, 2021

You can experience Divinity Right Where You Are


There’s been an ongoing trend in the online Spiritual Community that in order to have a true spiritual experience, one must be away from where they are… You must travel to some exotic place with water and instagrammable airbnb’s in the jungle.


While it’s true that less pollution and fewer radio waves does provide for a more immediate & less cloudy connection to Spirit, right here, buried beneath the frequencies, we are here. 


We have our own pirated radio station, where Spirit is alive and well. We hear the message, we are spreading the word, we are finding one another even if our mission is never to step foot out of these here United States…


Divinity is here speaking, right through police sirens, and reality TV. 


Divinity is your man stepping onto the same train, on the same day, at the same time, just two cars away.


Divinity is living in the bedroom under the stairs of a 2 flat in Chicago, in a black and Puerto Rican neighborhood, jealous of the girl next door because the beauty you recognize the beauty in her eyes, not knowing it’s the same as yours….


You CAN travel far and wide, swallow plant medicine and instantly be transported to your true self.


But you can also listen to the radio on your back porch while Erykah Badu belts out the path to your freedom.


Don’t get caught up in all the imagery and aesthetic, you are ready right where you are, right here, right now. 

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