What began as a way to bring together Spiritually Minded Black women has evolved into my purpose of being. I am dedicated to walking in SPIRIT at all times in order to help others connect more clearly.

God is calling.

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The Next Spirit Guide Sister Circle Begins 9/29/2021

An eight-week workshop where we, as a group, we explore dismantling our core programming, practicing radical forgiveness and finding your Spirit Guide.

Registration opens September 1st, 2021

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“Sister Circle was a soulful connection with real women, each on their spiritual journey, and each willing to share and lift each other up. Ria, the owner and organizer, made sure that there was a mutual connection among what had previously been complete strangers. She guided us, helped peeled back the layers, and held space for every woman so we could show up authentically and without fear of judgment. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to explore their spirituality on a deeper level and who wants to do so with an amazing sisterhood of like-minded  women.”
-Tiffany S., Maryland 

Experience Divinity Right Where You Are.

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Living In Authenticity

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The Message In Kanye.


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Walking in Spirit

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